Cemetery Angel
Statuary in Calvary Cemetery in Seattle, Washington


Fast dog…Warren G Magnuson Park, Seattle…

Our first home in Seattle was on the waterfront. The views were amazing.

A vendor’s truck at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

A container ship on Elliott Bay near downtown Seattle.

Closed bar at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Ambient light, one shot, through a window with an ancient (by technological standards) DSLR … this is not a high dynamic range image.

A dirty vehicle will grow moss in Seattle. Crazy.

“I am never going to take a picture of that thing. Never. It’s over-documented.”

Yeah. I was wrong … at least on the first count.

Seattle’s sports arenas frame, and echo, Mount Rainier.

This parking garage is one of my favorite structures in Seattle … it isn’t very pretty … but it is striking and disorienting. Also, I love pictures with hidden birds (I saved this photo a little bigger than usual, so you may be able to find it).

Bubba In The Rainforest

He may appear to be relaxed, but he’s wound tight … just waiting to be released from his “stay.”

From cranes to the Cascades: looking west, this is the Seattle waterfront. The ballpark and football stadium appear in the foreground, Mt. Phelps and Little Phelps, prominent peaks of the Cascade Mountains, are seen in the distance.

Yellow in West Seattle. It’s a low-res scan … but a pretty little car.