Rally And Counter Protest In Boulder

A couple dozen members of a “western Chauvinist” group called Proud Boys Colorado—which the Associated Press describes as a far-right men’s organization—held a rally in Boulder, Colorado. Hundreds of counter-protesters, some dressed all in black and wearing masks, provided an opposing point of view. All photos © RBKnight.

Rally by a far-right men's organization.
A rally for “free speech” seemed to focus on a very particular point of view.


Counter-protester at a rally by a far-right men’s organization.


Counter-protester confronts the police
A counter-protester confronts the police.


Counter-protester finger pointing
A counter-protester shouts at a Proud Boys Colorado rally.


Apparently exasperated, a police officer walks away from counter-protester’s arrest.


Bandanna mask-wearing woman holds sign
Bandanna mask-wearing woman holds a counter-protest sign.


Face covered, tattoos exposed
A counter-protester hides his face but not his identity.


Rally and counter-protesters
Two sets of barriers separated two dozen members of a far-right men’s organization from hundreds of counter-protesters.
One-man rockabilly act
One-man rockabilly act at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.
Corgi In A Classic Car
A tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi goes for a ride in a classic car.

Walking past Artmart, Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado… 

Bubba the Corgi through the window of a MINI Cooper, lost in New Mexico…

Our first home in Seattle was on the waterfront. The views were amazing.

Strolling along the water in Estes Park, Colorado…

“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept” —Henri Cartier Bresson

I just like the picture.

There’s a lot going on in this image captured at Denver’s 16th Street Mall…you just have to look closely…

One of my favorite photos of Bubba, our Corgi. Apologies to James and Irene.

On the waterfront in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood.

Relaxing in downtown Longmont, Colorado …

Step into the light … at Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Colorado …

The Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, Colorado …

McIntosh Lake with Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak in the distance …

One of the images I have on display at KCP Gallery in Longmont, Colorado …

Twice a year, Longmont, Colorado celebrates the automobile with a nostalgic-filled cruise night …

Along my way to the bus stop … this is poetic as I’ve been feeling I’m on the outside looking in …

The Rockies (far) behind the Agricultural Heritage Center in the northwest corner of Longmont, Colorado. 

I was thinking about diving back into Flickr, but I think I’m going to wait to see how Google’s new photography platform comes together.

Prairie dog giving me the ol’ side-eye …

Dancer, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, 2006 …

Mile-high graffiti … Old West Colfax Avenue, Lincoln Park, Denver …

One of my all-time favorite shots … not sure why …

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose … the “Twin Peaks” of Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak …

One of the things I miss about Baltimore …

Why I still shoot film … there’s just something beautiful and organic about it. Captured in Baltimore’s Canton Square with a Canon A1 on Fujichrome slide film.

Before we sat down to one bird, we spent much of our Thanksgiving following these two birds.

Called “Twin Peaks” around here Mount Meeker and Long’s Peak as seen from Oligarchy Ditch near McIntosh Lake in Longmont, Colorado.

Mount Meeker and Longs Peak as seen from Longmont

Grand Canyon, 2008 from our “Coast to Coast (Literally) Trip”

Front Range: looking across McIntosh Lake

Walking from the Baltimore Highlands to Canton.

The waterfront in Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood. The structure you see was part of a warehouse conveyor system to unload cargo ships.

This was captured with an iPhone 5S, and edited with Adobe Lightroom.

Rocket to Venus, Hampden, Baltimore, Maryland.

Goetze’s Meats in Baltimore’s Clifton Park neighborhood.

Flash-Free, Feature-Rich Photo Hosting?

I’ve tried SmugMug and Zenfolio, but I want to eliminate Flash from all of my sites and services (buggy, insecure, inconsistent support, all the usual reasons), and both of those services still often revert to Flash for slideshows and navigation.

I might give PhotoShelter a try, as it looks like they have embraced HTML5 more completely, but they want credit card info for a 14-day trial. It bugs me that some companies still lean on this old “cancel or get billed” tactic, it gives me the impression that they don’t have enough confidence in their platform, and must trick me into staying. Perhaps that is the price of a Flash-free existence.

A vendor’s truck at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

At High Grounds Coffee Roasters, great cappuccino, a fab mural, and nice folks.

We respectfully disagree with your position on this matter.

Rainbow, on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood.

The most beautiful wastewater treatment building I’ve ever seen … Baltimore Department of Public Works.

Out shooting a couple weeks ago … ran into a small group of lovely young ladies on their way to an event. I shot a couple candid photos of them being silly … and they instantly moved into position for a group shot. I always offer to send a copy … so I gave them a card … but, as is so often the case, they never got in touch.

A container ship on Elliott Bay near downtown Seattle.

Closed bar at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Ambient light, one shot, through a window with an ancient (by technological standards) DSLR … this is not a high dynamic range image.

Work with computers! Entry-level positions available now!

And here we sit waiting for spring to arrive …

“I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly …

 … fly in the, fly in the ointment …”

Another St. Patrick’s Day weekend has passed (out). Now go wreck your own neighborhood.

Thanks for spending your St Patrick’s Day weekend here in Canton. And, by “thanks” I mean: never come here again.

A dirty vehicle will grow moss in Seattle. Crazy.

 Bubba plays on the beach in Ocean City … Washington.

“I am never going to take a picture of that thing. Never. It’s over-documented.”

Yeah. I was wrong … at least on the first count.

Middle school students from the Baltimore School For The Arts presented a production of Officer Buckle and Gloria at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Highlandtown on Saturday 15 March 2014 … featuring original music composed by the students!

Top: Rejected logo concepts which incorporated a lightbulb as specified by the client. I prepared dozens of these. They halted the process because I “wasn’t getting it.”

Bottom: Client’s Microsoft Word creation; the logo they’re actually using.

A black-and-yellow argiope spider snacks on an insect.

Seattle’s sports arenas frame, and echo, Mount Rainier.

This parking garage is one of my favorite structures in Seattle … it isn’t very pretty … but it is striking and disorienting. Also, I love pictures with hidden birds (I saved this photo a little bigger than usual, so you may be able to find it).

Bubba In The Rainforest

He may appear to be relaxed, but he’s wound tight … just waiting to be released from his “stay.”

From cranes to the Cascades: looking west, this is the Seattle waterfront. The ballpark and football stadium appear in the foreground, Mt. Phelps and Little Phelps, prominent peaks of the Cascade Mountains, are seen in the distance.

Yellow in West Seattle. It’s a low-res scan … but a pretty little car.

It is difficult to change our lives because we constantly tell ourselves stories about who we are and what we’re capable of. However, your story is often changing, so you may feel compelled not to mention anything until it is certain or has already happened; we aren’t something, until we are.

Sarah Kathleen Peck offers some advice on answering the dreaded “So, what do you do?” question. 

Also see Philippa Perry on how revising that inner storytelling keeps us sane and Timothy Wilson on why it’s the root of psychological change.

(via explore-blog)

A discarded television is full of treasure if you know what to look for. TV Tom makes the most of the opportunity.

Bobby borrows a lens from TV Tom in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.

MONEY IS POWER … I may have to get on someone’s roof to get the shot I really want …

Said by someone before me, I’m sure … but, today, by me …

This television program was more influential … more inspiring … than anyone could have predicted.

Driving from Baltimore to Buffalo, one sees evidence of a tumultuous geological history.

“I can’t light … no more of your darkness …”

Shot with a Diana camera at the Buffalo Cemetery.

The Baltimore cloud factory cranks out another beauty.


Fujifilm dials up the retro for its next camera
Mechanical buttons and dials may be nearing extinction in most modern electronics, but one area where they remain loved and appreciated is among camera enthusiasts. Fujifilm’s next iteration promises to satisfy these desires with a gluttonous variety of physical control — there are dedicated dials for exposure, shutter speed, and ISO, while a closer inspection of the teaser image suggests there are even dials under the dials.

These folks are killing it …


Name: Shrenik Ganatra

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ADAM is an All Caps, Sans-Serif typeface inspired by Futura. The sharp, clean appearance makes it a suitable typeface for headlines, posters, titles and captions. It consists of 227 glyphs and is free for both personal and commercial use.

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So pretty …

The GoCatGo Alphabet Project: this is the letter “B” …

The GoCatGo Alphabet Project: this is the letter “A” …

Black and white. Baltimore. Buffalo. Buffalo, Baltimore.

These shots were taken nearly a decade ago with what is, by current measure, a pretty crappy Sony digital camera. But I think they hold up OK. In any case … they were fun to capture.

Broken down. Burned out. But … those marble steps …

A candid iPhone image whilst shooting video with RedWhoosh this spring.


Testing out the Voigtlander 40mm f/2.0 Ultron SL II

by Rhett Murphy

I was looking for a better interview prime lens. I’ve been using the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and the ultra cheap (but impressive) Canon 50mm f1.8, and I guess I was just wanting something more… well, filmic.

Film lives! Bubba plays dead. Shot with a Canon (A-1).

Tax day has passed. Unless you visited the Lusty Lady. Crazy! Those folks do everything.

Corgis are funny. One look at this fella, and he flops over looking for the ol’ belly rub.

Bernice, as Nancy likes to call the Mini, in a photo processed by the CameraBag iPhone app.

The Seattle waterfront as I walk home from a meeting.

We’ve had some crazy weather and amazing skies here on the Seattle waterfront. That’s February for you.

From one coast to the other. It looks like we’ll be left-coasters sometime in 2008. Seattle likely.

This is going on my iPhone when I get it. Thanks to Shepard Fairey.

Roger Moore as Simon Templar drove an 1800 on The Saint, a popular British TV programme.

My current favorite car. This is a 1964 Volvo 1800 in red. Ain’t it pretty?