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Bubba On YouTube

Bubba's Butt on TC LiveBubba on TC Live

Noted photographers Tony & Chelsea Northrup have a great YouTube channel offering loads of useful content. One of my favorite features of the channel is T&C Live, their entertaining and informative real-time photo critique show. One of my Seattle street photos was recently featured…which was fun to see…but…this. Bubba made the show! The episode is titled “The Right Light”…take a look and see what Tony and Chelsea had to say about Bubba.

Note: Bubba the Corgi–faithful friend and travel companion–crossed the bridge on the morning of Friday 4 November 2016.

We are heartbroken.

You will not be forgotten, you silly, hairy little man.

Bubba's big noseWhile he seems to have bounced back fairly well, our Corgi, Bubba, suffered a seizure the evening of Thursday, July 28, 2016. Two visits to the emergency vet clinic bring news that the prognosis isn’t very bright. He’s happy and bossy, as usual…but time is catching up with the silly, hairy little man. His vision, agility and strength are waning, and I’m not sure how much time we have left with our stubby-legged friend, but we’re going to enjoy every minute as best we can.

Bubba the Corgi in Lake Washington

Captured on expired film with a Holga toy camera.

Fast dog…Warren G Magnuson Park, Seattle…