Rally And Counter Protest In Boulder

A couple dozen members of a “western Chauvinist” group called Proud Boys Colorado—which the Associated Press describes as a far-right men’s organization—held a rally in Boulder, Colorado. Hundreds of counter-protesters, some dressed all in black and wearing masks, provided an opposing point of view. All photos © RBKnight.

Rally by a far-right men's organization.
A rally for “free speech” seemed to focus on a very particular point of view.


Counter-protester at a rally by a far-right men’s organization.


Counter-protester confronts the police
A counter-protester confronts the police.


Counter-protester finger pointing
A counter-protester shouts at a Proud Boys Colorado rally.


Apparently exasperated, a police officer walks away from counter-protester’s arrest.


Bandanna mask-wearing woman holds sign
Bandanna mask-wearing woman holds a counter-protest sign.


Face covered, tattoos exposed
A counter-protester hides his face but not his identity.


Rally and counter-protesters
Two sets of barriers separated two dozen members of a far-right men’s organization from hundreds of counter-protesters.