The recent acquisition of Flickr by SmugMug tempted me to move away from PhotoShelter…and I’m going to do just that. But…there’s a twist…

I’ve used PhotoShelter to host and display photos on the web–and to sell prints–for a few years. Prior to that, I used SmugMug for a stretch. Both services work well and I have no real complaints about either one. That said, I rarely sell prints, so paying a monthly fee for these services seemed like throwing money away.

While I was tempted by the combination of SmugMug and Flickr–thinking the folks at SmugMug will capitalize on some sort of synergy between the two platforms–I continued to poke around for other options…

…and I discovered Darkroom.Tech. They offer a free hosting option (no monthly charges but there is a 15% Darkroom Fee on sales). As is typical with “freemium” business models, the user can upgrade to a paid plan to gain more features.

I haven’t ordered any sample prints yet…but will soon. Darkroom claims they produce “museum-quality products.” I’m looking forward to finding out what this means.

The Ladybug Stretch

I don’t do a lot of macro photography…but I do enjoy it.

Posting photography to social media involves compromises in size and image quality…which is a drag. I’m posting this to the photography blog a bit larger than usual…be sure to view the original file at full size.

For the gear-curious, this was shot through a 47-year-old Vivitar 70-210mm “Series 1” lens; Canon FD mount adapted to a Sony A7rII.


Rally And Counter Protest In Boulder

A couple dozen members of a “western Chauvinist” group called Proud Boys Colorado—which the Associated Press describes as a far-right men’s organization—held a rally in Boulder, Colorado. Hundreds of counter-protesters, some dressed all in black and wearing masks, provided an opposing point of view. All photos © RBKnight.

Rally by a far-right men's organization.
A rally for “free speech” seemed to focus on a very particular point of view.


Counter-protester at a rally by a far-right men’s organization.


Counter-protester confronts the police
A counter-protester confronts the police.


Counter-protester finger pointing
A counter-protester shouts at a Proud Boys Colorado rally.


Apparently exasperated, a police officer walks away from counter-protester’s arrest.


Bandanna mask-wearing woman holds sign
Bandanna mask-wearing woman holds a counter-protest sign.


Face covered, tattoos exposed
A counter-protester hides his face but not his identity.


Rally and counter-protesters
Two sets of barriers separated two dozen members of a far-right men’s organization from hundreds of counter-protesters.

Not An Action Photographer

I have great admiration for sports and action photographers. The challenges of the pursuit are many and diverse: human bodies moving quickly, unpredictable changes in direction, overlapping subjects at varying distances, varying lighting conditions…weather. It’ll test your mettle as a photographer.

With indoor sports, lighting plays a big role…it often, well, sucks. When shooting fast-moving people (or anything else), you’ll want a fast shutter speed to freeze the action and a high aperture to give you a little leeway on focus. Keeping the ISO low is desirable, as it prevents excess noise (or grain, if you’re shooting film). If you’re shooting in low light, you can’t have all those things.

While modern digital cameras perform well in less-than-ideal lighting conditions, they still need you to make prudent decisions. Shooting a wrestling event, it seemed like ISO is where I’d give up the most ground. Yes, the images would be noisy, but that compliments the subject matter…so…no big deal. These photos were shot with a Sony A7rII, through Sony’s Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA lens. Settings varied…shutter speed from 1/125th to 1/500th of a second, aperture from f/4.0 to f/11. ISO was set to “auto,” and often soared to 10,000…16,000. Post processing was done in Lightroom.

Not knowing what to expect, I like the images. They’re not going to win any awards but they do capture the spirit of the evening. Scroll down for more. Thanks for looking!


Primos Pro Wrestling in Denver, Colorado…